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My name is Karen Bedonie and I am a grassroots New Mexican as far back to the inception of this state, they drew the lines around my family.  I am entering the gubernatorial race of 2022 to fight for our state that has been run dry by bad policy.  The state is the last battle ground after the federal level is lost and compromised.  By the Tenth Amendment, we, Statesmen and Stateswomen, must hold the line that protects our freedom, liberty and fundamental rights as Americans.  The Governor is the most important soldier that will protect the people, our resources, our energy, our property, our businesses, our jobs, our health, our elderly and our youth.  I believe in our Republic and our Constitution.  I am ready and armed with the most beautiful plan created by, for and of the people of New Mexico to remedy century old problems and fix the new radical paradigms inflicted upon us today.  Come, research, know and walk the path of freedom with all the people of New Mexico that know the truth.  

"I am the Peoples Candidate". God bless

"The last two years in the fight for this state I've been blessed to meet some strong people...

Of all those I've stood with or had stand by me... Karen Bedonie is the most level headed and the strongest.

Her journey has captivated me since our paths first crossed." ~New Mexico Cowboys for America