Karen Bedonie the only pro-life candidate for Governor.


"I believe that life begins at conception, is precious, and must be protected."



This is a 14 week baby.  A fully manifested baby that just needs the time to grow strong and well.  My counterparts in this election want to murder babies at 15 weeks.  15 weeks is not Pro-Life.  It's the principle of the matter.  Seeing the personal intent of the candidate should be crucial.  Compromising on Godly morals and values should define the candidate fully and show their true intent for the state of New Mexico.  With education and buraeucratic influence, as Governor, I can save a large percentage of our babies regardless of the demonic laws passed on our behalf.  

I have a plan.

14 week baby

Pro-Life is from Conception

93.4% of babies are ABORTED by week 13.  15 weeks is not  Pro-Life.  15 weeks is an abortionists selling point.  6% is not Pro-Life.  The praying community of Christians must rise and vote.  It is with our votes, we will liberate our voices of Freedom for God and Country.  


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