Splitting the Vote TRUTH

If you are concerned that Karen Bedonie is going to split the vote, grab a cup of coffee or tea and read this passage.  It breaks down the history of this race and it shows the guts of what New Mexicans are truly dealing with.  The Bedonie campaign has endured and witnessed the tragic process of the red race thus far.  Karen Bedonie is genius and held to her convictions and made her way graciously into the General Election by holding her values and finding her own path.  Those that are blind, may they see sooner than later, the true New Mexican Warrior is here to fight for our way of life.  

By Kathy Genao, New Mexican

“Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego replied to him, ‘King Nebuchadnezzar, we do not need to

defend ourselves before you in this matter. If we are thrown into the blazing furnace, the God

we serve is able to deliver us from it, and he will deliver us from Your Majesty’s hand. But

even if he does not, we want you to know, Your Majesty, that we will not serve your gods or

worship the image of gold you have set up.’” (Daniel 3:16-18, New International Version).

There comes a point in everyone’s life where we must make a decision. We either stand

for our convictions or we let them fall by the wayside. Of course, standing tall in the face of

adversity is incredibly difficult. The above-mentioned passage displays the type of courage and

great conviction the three Hebrews had when challenged to worship the King’s image. They did

not. And under threat of death would remain steadfast in their convictions.

We are at a critical point in our country where we have bent the knee to other “gods”

and allowed great injustices to run rampant in our land. We have suffered for it. So many see

that the tipping point is at hand. We can no longer allow ourselves to give in to fear. The dam is

about to break and we either work to fix it or run for cover. Our convictions, what we stand for,

is all that we have left to fight against the evils of this world. It makes a difference to be brave

in a world asking you not to be. We are called to be bold. Joshua 1:9, New International Version

says, “Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be

discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.”

Recently, there have been calls for Karen Bedonie to drop out of the Gubernatorial race

because she will split the vote. The concern is that she will eat into the vote total needed for

the Republican candidate Mark Ronchetti to overtake the governorship from Michelle Lujan-

Grisham. So, let’s discuss, momentarily, what vote splitting is. A quick google search for the

term vote splitting gives you many results with a similar definition. Wikipedia defines it as, “an

electoral effect in which the distribution of votes among multiple similar candidates reduces

the chance of winning for any of the similar candidates, and increases the chance of winning for

a dissimilar candidate.”

I think we can all agree that this is what we think of when it comes to splitting the vote.

It makes sense. In fact, there’s speculation that we have a very recent example of how this idea

was implemented and deployed as strategy that worked with tremendous results. Nick Wilbur,

March 3, 2022, The Conservative New Mexican, Playing Politics: Ronchetti Sacrifices GOP

Convention by Packing the Primary. Nick writes,


The presumed front-runner of the 2022

Republican primary for governor lost the GOP convention, taking fourth place with only 16% of

delegate votes cast. Oddly, Mark Ronchetti actually encouraged his delegates to vote for other

candidates in the pre-primary. Was this a political misstep or an intentional packing of the

primary field to drown out his opponents’ message, allowing Ronchetti to ride his weatherman

name recognition to the November general election?” Nick further writes, “That’s not to say

Ronchetti can’t pull it off. He boasts over a million dollars in fundraising and a 60% majority in

internal polls. It’s only to say that this was the path the campaign presumably chose, on

purpose. Everything in politics is calculated, and no campaign manager worth his salary would

recommend a self-sacrifice to get more candidates on the ballot unless it was the only option

they had. A packed primary splinters the party, increases infighting, and by the very nature of

having multiple voices slinging mud trying to get an edge, it damages everyone involved. The

hope had to have been that it damages the other candidates more than it damages Ronchetti.

The question isn’t whether releasing delegates was the best option, but whether Ronchetti is

admitting with the release of delegates that he doesn’t have the support of New Mexico

Republicans to campaign on the merits of his vision for the state, because the other effect of

multiple candidates is that everyone’s message gets muted when there is a packed field.

There’s only so many column inches to spare. Grisham is running unopposed as the incumbent

in the Democrat primary for governor. Her campaign won’t be splitting air time with

challengers. By contrast, Republican candidates will have their message quartered by the size of

the field. Ronchetti made that possible. If nothing in politics is coincidental, he did that on

purpose under the assumption that he would suffer less than his opponents. And he may be


While the above article is just one person’s opinion on what might’ve taken place, it

sounds to me like they are suspecting Mark Ronchetti purposely wanted to split the vote to

reach the results he wanted. The above quoted article argues that the Ronchetti campaign

were content to use name recognition as the best weapon to defeat the pool of candidates that

all sounded the same. But there could be more. We’re led to believe that Ronchetti was similar

to the other candidates and the only difference would be his name recognition that would

catapult him to the top of the list of the names running. Let’s evaluate whether this is true.

Greg Zanetti says of Ronchetti,

“I like Mark Ronchetti and I voted for him for U.S. Senate

in 2020, but this is an executive job that requires executive experience. With a crisis at the

border, a struggling economy, rising crime and a failing education system, New Mexicans

cannot afford to elect a governor without any business, financial or executive understanding

who would need on-the-job training, much like our current governor. Experience matters and

voters ought to ask themselves, ‘Who can New Mexico Republicans really trust to move our

state forward, a weatherman or a general?’”

Jay Block says, presumably of Ronchetti,

“I don’t sit there and trash the previous president and then,

you know, run away from my record. You know, say one thing in 2020, and

I’ll say something different in 2022 and say whatever it takes to get elected.”

(Tipping Point NM interview, mark 35:42).

Block has also highlighted the hypocrisy of Ronchetti and Dow when he

said, “You’re seeing two professional political elites tear each other down and go back on their

word that they would not go negative in this campaign, and they are both complete liars,” Block

said. “People are just seeing how these two political professionals are liars and frauds.”

(SantaFe New Mexican, May 14, 2022, Red, redder, reddest:

GOP governor primary brings out the


After the loss in the primary to Ronchetti, Jay Block said, “Life’s not fair. The guy who’s

on the weather has no experience. He’s never led anything in the military. He’s never put his

life on the line in Afghanistan. He’s never been a leader in private industry, building teams in a

firm and expanding our market share. He’s never been an elected official, working local

government officials. He doesn’t have a clue. So life’s not fair; I have all this experience, but

he’s been on TV … for 20 years. I accept that.”

(Rio Rancho Observer, June 14, 2022, No

celebratory Block party: Rio Rancho’s gov candidate unsure of political future).

Rebecca Dow regards Ronchetti as a “flip-flopping double talker”. She further states,

“There’s a lot on the line,” Dow said. “This is not the time to take a chance on someone who’s

changed his position on everything conservatives care about.”

(Santa Fe New Mexican, May 14,

2022, Red, redder, reddest:

GOP governor primary brings out the carnivore).

Ethel Maharg stated, “People are sick of politics as usual,” she said. “Have you seen the

ads that Ronchetti and Dow are running? Those million-dollar ads are nothing but trash. I’m

sorry, but you don’t do that to a fellow Republican. I don’t care if they are your opponent.”

(Santa Fe New Mexican, May 14, 2022, Red, redder, reddest:

GOP governor primary brings out

the carnivore).

Ronchetti’s four opponents in the Republican Gubernatorial race called into question his

experience, trustworthiness, and conviction. While this all may seem par for the course during a

political campaign that the opponents aren’t going to shine an encouraging light on one

another, what was exposed nonetheless shouldn’t be tossed aside as if it never meant anything

now that Ronchetti was declared the winner. The other candidates raised these concerns for a

reason. And we should listen.

On April 26th, 2022, the Albuquerque Journal reported that Ronchetti’s campaign

spokesman Enrique Knell commented on raising over $2.1 million during the duration of his

campaign up until that point, which would be used for more TV ads. Knell would then say,

“We won’t personally attack any candidate, but we will set the record straight on the issues.”


Ronchetti himself cautioned on personal attacks:

If everybody starts pulling in the same direction

here we can change what happens in this state. But if this ends up being an in-fighting

and everybody’s, you know, swinging at each other, and I think it’s been disappointing in some

respects that you see the way some candidates will do anything I think to take a shot, I think we

got to reject that kind of politics and realize that this is a great opportunity for the state of New

Mexico to improve the lives of people and we would love your help doing it.”

(Tipping Point NM interview, 40:04 spot.).

Ronchetti is right. It is disappointing for one person to say one thing and

then completely do another immediately after. Ronchetti points the fingers at his opponents

for the “in-fighting”, but instead of setting the record straight in his TV ads, as his campaign

spokesman suggested, Ronchetti went scorched-earthed.

In response to an attack ad from Ronchetti’s camp to opponent Rebecca Dow, Jay Block

stated, “For Mr. Ronchetti, and of course Jay McCleskey — you know that evil guy — for them

to do this over a Memorial Day weekend, is just… there’s no honor in that, Mark and Jay. You

have no honor doing that to not just Mrs. Dow, but the family that has to relive this event over

and over again because you sent that out and you did that for political gain. And you should be

ashamed of yourself for what you did. That’s something I would expect from MLG,” [Democrat

Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham]. “And when you sit there and you actually talk and lie to

everybody about uniting the party, you’re full of you know what,” Block added. “You and Jay

McCleskey are destroying the party and you are destroying the lives of many people that you

are hurting, including by the way — look up a gentleman named Scott Chandler, a great

American, who Mr. McCleskey by the way had to pay $400,000 in a defamation lawsuit.

PinonPost, June 2, 2022. REVICTIMIZING A CHILD post.

Perhaps, Rebecca Dow was right when she called Ronchetti a “flip-flopping double

talker”. His campaign said no attacks, then they attacked. Position changed. Ronchetti did what

he set out to do. He splintered the party, drowned out the other voices, and became the last

one standing. The primary vote was greatly split among the other candidates so much that they

didn’t even stand a chance. Ronchetti was the dissimilar candidate that got showered with the

majority of votes. His strategy worked. He was nominated not on his merits or experience,

which the opposing candidates pointed out he has none, but because he suffered the least

amongst his opponents and rode his name recognition to the top.

Remember now, that Karen Bedonie, the Libertarian Gubernatorial candidate, is the one

being accused of splitting the vote. But those saying this don’t stop to think about the damage

that Ronchetti and his campaign have caused. Muting out the conservative voices. Diluting the

conservative message. Ronchetti is lighting a fire in the Republican party, not to jumpstart the

conservative movement, but to watch it burn. Questions of whether he is a true conservative

have haunted Ronchetti to this day. He set out to destroy any of the republican opponents

standing in his way, including back in his senate race in 2020 against Elisa Martinez. In that race

he also pledged to not attack his fellow republican candidates and then shortly after launched

attack ads. Then called for unity afterwards.

No wonder Jay Block, after this pre-primary convention, called for Ronchetti to drop out

of the race, and boasted saying he, “kicked the crap out of him”, referring to himself receiving

the most delegate votes. “He’s been rejected,” Block said of Ronchetti. “I kicked the crap out of

him and it felt great.” (Albuquerque Journal, February 28th, 2022). Block felt that the delegates

representing the republican party “rejected” Ronchetti and that he should accept that. Perhaps

Block believed that Ronchetti was the greater threat or the biggest challenger to his own

campaign and wanted him out for that reason. But it’s also fair to wonder, based on what Block

has said during his campaign about Ronchetti, that Block specifically wanted Ronchetti out of

the race because Ronchetti was someone that a true conservative just could not depend on if

he was nominated.

When Ronchetti was declared the winner of the GOP Gubernatorial nomination he

stated in his speech, “Because ultimately it is you, the engine that powers this state and make

no mistake. For political elites, the party is more important than the people. And believe me,

there are times I’ve seen that in my own race. I was not always the favorite of the political

elites. Once again, I don’t care. I care about you.”

(KOAT Albuquerque video, June 7, 2022, mark 7:35).

This is something we should all agree with. The political elites want the party to matter

more than you. Ronchetti didn’t care that he split the republican party. He wanted to win. His

goal was bigger than the party. He was going to do whatever it took to make that happen.

Ronchetti has his values in which he wishes to run on, even though they differ than the majority

of the base he is representing. Ronchetti won by splitting the vote in the primary and now that his

republican opponents are no longer in the way he is ready to split the conservative conscience.


On July 13, 2022, Daniel J. Chacon from The Santa Fe New Mexican writes,

“Ronchetti's position has shifted

somewhat since he won the June primary in a five-way race. He has previously stated ‘life

should be protected at all stages’ and that ‘unborn babies just happen to be living inside their

mother.’” Now unopposed by republican challengers, Ronchetti states a new position on

abortion: “While I am pro-life, governors cannot act alone and any changes to our laws will

require collaboration and agreement with the legislature. As Governor, I would seek a middle

ground with our legislature that ends the practice of late-term and partial-birth abortion that

the current Governor supports. I believe permitting abortion up to 15 weeks and in cases

involving rape, incest, and when a mother’s life is at risk is a very reasonable position that most

in New Mexico will support regardless of party affiliation. This will end the barbaric practice of

late-term abortions. I will also strongly support policies that provide support to expectant

mothers and their unborn children.” If Ronchetti isn’t willing to stand up for the most

vulnerable, why would you think he would stand up for you?

On December 1, 2021, The Abortion Free New Mexico organization hosted a rally in

Albuquerque in which many candidates in this upcoming election signed a Pro Life Pledge which


I pledge to defend life from conception to natural death. In making and keeping this

pledge, I am committed to ending all abortion and all assisted suicide in the state of New


Here are a list of those candidates: Michelle Garcia Holmes for US Congress; Audrey

Trujillo for New Mexico Secretary of State; Ellis McMath for NM House District 23; Harry

Montoya for New Mexico Treasurer; Isabella Solis for New Mexico Lieutenant Governor;

Anthony Thornton for New Mexico Lieutenant Governor; Ethel Maharg for New Mexico

Governor; Karen Bedonie for New Mexico Governor; and Jay Block for New Mexico Governor.

It’s telling that Ronchetti never went to any of these rallies and would never sign his

name to a pledge like this. What is more telling is the people who have signed their names to

the pledge and have not spoken up about Ronchetti’s abortion stance. Most of the candidates

on the list above are republicans. Ronchetti has split the conservative conscience. Ronchetti

doesn’t believe party over people. That is good sentiment. So why aren’t the republican

candidates willing to do the same and stand up to him? Especially those who pledged to

defend life from conception to natural death”. I stated in the beginning of this that standing

tall in the face of adversity is incredibly difficult. If you want to be a good and true leader, you

must have conviction to rise when others are not. Karen Bedonie did not allow her conscience

to be split. She has chosen to honor her true Pro-life stance that life is from conception to

natural death. We need to open our eyes to a candidate’s lip service, let them show you who

they really are with their actions.

John Block with the Piñon Post, wrote on May 30, 2020, the article titled: Mark Ronchetti

agreed to work with George Soros-funded climate activists to ‘educate’ Republicans, used

weathercast to push ‘climate change’ propaganda. The purpose of the article was to raise

awareness on Ronchetti’s climate change stance and finding ways to educate republicans on

the matter. Ronchetti is recorded saying, "We all live in a state that is funded by oil and gas.

That's a fact. You can look at what the governor'ss done over the past three months. She's not

doing any of that without huge oil and gas revenue. So, we have to replace that", Is this

Ronchetti admitting that he and the governor are on the same page regarding her “green”

energy agenda? The use of “we” consciously, or subconsciously, provides his answer. If they

have it their way, together, they want to move forward from the state’s greatest resource.

We have one of the most dependent states on oil and gas, and we have some of the poorest

populations in the country. We have to find that solution, that’s not easy. But at the same time,

if we can find some of those avenues to replace some of that revenue, we can do it. We can

absolutely do it.” (Mark Ronchetti, KRQE weatherman, Keynote presentation at a student

workshop called “Talking to Family and Friends about Climate Change” at the University of New

Mexico, March 21, 2019).

How different does Ronchetti sound from the other republican candidates regarding the

state’s greatest assets? Greg Zanetti said, “There’s two kinds of wealth in the world. There’s

wealth from the earth, I want you to think oil, gas, timber, copper, cotton, oranges. Sometimes

I say the stuff God made. New Mexico is rich in wealth from the earth.”

(2:50 mark on interview done May 16, 2022 KRWG Public Media, by Anthony Moreno.)


On Rebecca Dow’s My Values/Issues page in her dowfornm.com site it states,

When our progressive state leaders were

working to place harmful regulations on the oil and gas industry after it provided New Mexico

with one of the biggest budget surpluses in state history, Rebecca fought back saying, ‘It

doesn’t make any sense to trade a booming industry that delivers millions for our schools in

exchange for over-regulation in the oil fields and our classrooms.’”

Ronchetti claims to be a principled conservative, yet on major issues that should align

with conservative values he falters. He is only willing to protect the vulnerable and the innocent

so much, he will use the oil and gas industry until he can replace them, and, as in the case of

most issues, he will only go so far to secure the integrity of our elections. Shouldn’t election

integrity be a non-issue by now. Shouldn’t any candidate confident in the process be willing to

say that election audits should always be performed to ensure that the candidate that got

elected was rightfully elected? Ronchetti has stayed clear from mentioning election audits. He

is silent on the matter. Perhaps for good reason.


On July 14, 2022, New Mexican Law Professor,

David Clements, a great resource and advocate of election integrity, wrote on his facebook

page, “Here is an inconvenient truth. Dominion was brought into New Mexico under republican

governor Susana Martinez’s administration, and republican SOS Diana Duran. If you are

wondering why the state GOP doesn’t appear interested in real election integrity, it’s because

they helped create the problem. We are talking about the ‘uniparty.’ Jay McKlesky was Susana’s

right hand political strategist during her selection. Jay McKlesky is current GOP gubernatorial

candidate Mark Ronchetti’s political strategist. Ronchetti was selected this past June. There is a

club folks, and you and I ain’t in it. Ronchetti and Wuhan Grisham are cut from the same cloth.

I’d take a strong look at Karen Bedonie for NM governor if I were you. Just my two cents.

If we take these things into consideration, there is no way that we can trust Mark

Ronchetti to lead New Mexico. His experience in leading anything is non-existent and with the

things he does have experience in, not even he was confident in his guess work.

“I talk topeople all the time, and I talk to climatologist, and people will ask me about climate.

And manytimes, I’m like look, that is not my work. I can barely get a seven-day forecast right and I’m

holding on by my fingernails, right?

(Mark Ronchetti, KRQE weatherman, Keynote presentation at a student workshop called

“Talking to Family and Friends about Climate Change” at the University of New Mexico, March 21, 2019).


Are we really supposed to follow him?

Karen Bedonie has not and will not split the vote. Ronchetti already has. He isn’t trusted

by his party or the former candidates for governor, he has proven that he does change his

position on his stances and has no strong convictions. A general has asked if you can trust a

weatherman who has no experience to be governor? A county commissioner has called

Ronchetti a liar. A state representative has called out Ronchetti for flip flopping on his stances.

And the director for New Mexico Right to Life now has to deliberate whether she can morally

support a candidate who is not willing to fight for life from the moment of conception to

natural death. What does remain is another option. A warrior. A chance to save the state from

the corruption and deception of the two other candidates. Karen Bedonie. She is not the same

as Mark Ronchetti, her values are different, her stances are different, and she has never

changed her platform. So much more separates Bedonie from Ronchetti but you have to do the

research. You have to decide whether you have conviction enough to stand up for what is right.

This is not a time to choose the lesser of two evils, this is a time to choose a great candidate

who will not deceive you. Do you have what it takes to stand up? “Have I not commanded you?

Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will

be with you wherever you go.” (Joshua 1:9, New International Version).

Use your God-given discernment and do the right thing people!

Written by Kathy Genao, a long-life staunch Republican who is voting for Karen Bedonie!!

The  Hope for
New Mexico


By Cynthia Lujan Canner, 
New Mexican

Why do I LOVE Karen Bedonie? She is one of us and yet someone unique too.

She is a God Fearing Woman, who reads the bible, shares scriptures and prays with us also in Jesus’s name. We have so much to pray for everyday.

She is an incredible Navajo Native American with deep roots in the history of New Mexico and has a beautiful family. I see her amazing personal pictures, which looks like they belong in the history book.

She cheers for Louva Dahozy. She has humor, can joke about taking evil to the train station. She is the only fully pro-life candidate. She has righteous anger and will call certain others Cupcake.

Does she want you to vote for her because she is a Native American, her religion or a woman? No, she believes you should vote on your own values, discernments, beliefs, and research.

****If your values align with her and you trust her, then she would be deserving of your vote.****

She knows New Mexico.

She jokes about the roads not being taken cared and how the tesla charging stations are a waste of money in rural areas. She knows the apathy of RPNM declaring financial impossibility to investigate the election votes, she saw the internal voting system (CCC/SCC) behind a curtain. Why the secret, why not be transparent? She ultimately made a line in the sand with the RPNM. She loves NM history and knows how it is important today. She has been everywhere in NM.

She knows hardship.

She has some tearful experiences with missing women from the reservation. She has suffered under NTUA water restrictions , was restricted from travel but needed to haul water during covid lockdown, helps poor people & those affected by fires, got knocked down by covid- had to be hospitalized, fought for the right to try treatment and against pro-jabber providers. She was in a documentary “ A Long Walk Into Socialism” that won an Emmy and Donald Trump Jr tweeted about it in support.

She is boots on the ground, the hardest working candidate and walks the talk.

She visits coal fire plant, met with the trucker convoy, attended Trump rallies, rode on Trump trains, been to rallies multiple times at the Roundhouse, walked the field where cattle were slaughtered by feds, rides the ABQ city bus, talks with the homeless, attended and supported school board meeting to make a stance against NMPED overreaching mandates and got the balls to refuse to wear the mask at the SOS office and I could go on and on.

She is a people-tician.

She understands the algorithms we all face in mainstream media and social medias. She understands that VOTER INTEGRITY is the dividing factor between the good and the bad and is one of the top issues. She is very outspoken on Dominion, mail-in ballots, voter id, ballot harvesting and will not concede to expose the system. She understands firsthand how the rest of us are suffering or watching others suffer in NM. She never swayed on her values.

I get that often we are or have been indoctrinated to be left, right, think money decides the candidates and be divided. We often hold our nose, vote for the lesser of the evil. That is a corrupt uni-party tactic. Now we are fighting for good (vs evil).

Rand Paul said “Real patriotism is a willingness to challenge the government when it’s wrong.” Karen said “Also, real Patriotism is the wiIlingness to be brave enough to challenge the party system that indoctrinates the people into divisive boxes. If you believe I betrayed my party, think again... I actually set myself free.”

Now it is a time to be alive in NM, especially in unprecedent times. This is the first time the Libertarian Party has a strong Constitutional candidate. Karen Bedonie’s train is gaining steam and we can’t wait for the debate(s). The Bedonie army are not apathetic, we have a strong connection to Bedonie, we are motivated, determined, not giving up and we are willing to die on the hill with her if that is in God’s will. Our oath is for the people, our children and future. For Country & God.

by Cynthia Lujan Canner